Lift Maintenance

Simple, flexible lift maintenance

Staying on top of your lift servicing can take far too much time and energy. We make things easier by knowing you, knowing your kit, knowing your process and tailoring a sharp fit. We service all the common lifts and more. We’re on time, we get the best out of your lifts, and we keep your records tight.

Lift maintenance that lightens the load

Making sure you’ve got everything in place is one way to peace of mind. For lift maintenance, that means routine checks and tests done and dusted. It means knowing the latest legislation, what’s changed, what’s new, and what needs to be done so you’re safe, and playing by the lift servicing law books. We make sure you comply, across the board, by providing a watertight service. When lift bits wear, fail or become defected, we act quick. We say it how it is and get the job done, without any fuss. So you can get on with everything else.

Clarity and impartiality

When it comes to lift servicing, we know our way around the industry and we know who and what works. A simple walk-round with you and we can offer practical advice on lift maintenance, with tech know-how and steer that cuts through the industry clutter. Truly impartial, we’re not bound to any suppliers and can go anywhere for any kit.

We service all the kit – lift servicing across the board

Whether you’re boasting a stock of UK made, open source controllers, looking after proprietary kit from the internationals, need a one-off bracket for a solid old gem or you need to tune a package lift, we’re competent across the lot.

The little big things

So, your lift servicing can only be done on Tuesdays. That’s fine with us. It must be between 6 and 8 to miss the rush. Again, no problem, we’ll arrange that. The blue, hard copy job sheets must be signed and delivered by hand, to the FM, on level 10, before she leaves for lunch. Absolutely. It’s the little things that oil the rails. We tailor to you, so everything runs smooth because peace of mind comes when you know the simple things are done right.

Your lift maintenance enquiry means the world

Feel free to send us an enquiry for your lift maintenance contract. Throw your lift particulars in this form and a member of the Nordic Lifts team will be in touch shortly.

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Lift servicing contracts where one size simply does not fit all


Lift maintenance the simple way

Press the button and we’ll start right away. The right lift maintenance actions at the right intervals.


Individually tailored lift servicing

Pick and choose service hours, lift maintenance activities and response times.


Above and beyond

A wide offering for unplanned situations and unexpected shutdowns.