Planned Lift Refurbishments and Modernisation Solutions

Lift refurbishment vs lift replacement?

Rising lift maintenance and energy costs, pains for old parts, or desires to raise the standard, mean you’re thinking about lift works. Great. But the right answers call for simple, impartial advice. Tell us your end game. Whether it’s cost, the environment, long-term lift maintenance, or a plan to get you through the next two years, we’ll cut through the guff.

A smoother ride

Driving a lift refurb means thinking about timings, having a clear plan for moving kit, how to keep the noise down, and how you’re going to get up and down the stairs while your lift’s off. It’s not all about the end goal, it’s about how we get there in the best possible way.

Thoroughly expert in lift modernisation

Accurate surveys, up-front designs, open project management and quality engineers for your lift install. We test, we commission and then your lift maintenance through the warranty is top notch. Pro-activity, clarity and simplicity is a given, right from the go.
Years of work in spec, projects, install & test, means lift modernisations are routine. We’re on time and to budget. We meet standards, and work with all types and ages of kit. We know the tech, and we’ve got the engineering skills and track record to link the old with the new.

Impartial, partial lift refurbishment

Getting a good understanding of lift use, the lift maintenance history and your site challenges, tells us if a partial lift refurb could be a good fit. Nordic Lifts offer partial lift refurbishment services without supplier ties.

  • winding units
  • inverters
  • doors and door operating systems
  • roping
  • safety equipment
  • hydraulic power units
  • hydraulic rams and pulleys
  • user interfaces
  • cabin interiors and architraves

Equality reviews

Knowing the standards to a T, we offer full audits to tell you if you’re up to speed with the Equality Act.

Free lift refurbishment survey and consultation

A fresh set of eyes on your age-old problem might just be what the doctor ordered. Drop us a line and we’ll offer you a taste of a simpler life. We’ll pop to site, listen to what you need and bounce that against the condition of your kit to give you a clear steer.

Please call our customer support team on ‭‭0113-487-1950‬ or email