Lift Repairs

We aim to make lift repair and lift maintenance easy for you

Lift repairs and lift upgrades are a key part of our lift maintenance service. From busy passenger lifts to tiny service lifts, we attend to all manufacturers with impartial advice and no supplier ties. Our service is nationwide and 24/7, so we make is easy for you with a quick response, minimum downtime and cost-effective lift repairs.

Proactive lift maintenance and lift repair for the little things

Trained to spot faults early, we can show you little things before they become big ones. During lift maintenance, we’ll flag it, so you know what’s what. If you want a quote, you’ve got it, but no works will start without your express approval.

How to handle bigger lift repairs

Noticing a fault pattern, you may have a larger lift repair to look at. Speak to us and we can arrange a thorough survey, diagnostic report and careful analysis with our techies. If you want a quote, you’ll get it fast and without the fuss. We’ll give you a clear plan of when we can start, how long the works will take and when we’ll be handing it over to you all shiny and fresh.

Breath easy with Planned Preventative Maintenance

To minimise future downtime, breakdown and disruption, plan ahead. We’ll give you a lift by lift strategy to plot what works to do and when. Breath easy – you’re doing all you can to keep your lifts legal, safe and running smooth.

Safety audits and lift insurance inspections are covered

To audit your kit, we’ll visit each lift with a check sheet that’s pulled straight from the rule books. Item by item we can tell you where you’re good, where you’re bad and where things could be prettier. Working alongside the major insurers, we ensure your prep for inspection and your response ticks all the boxes.

We’re right here

Bounce something off us or get a little help.

To chat with one of our guys or girls drop us a line. Call 0113-487-1950 or email